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What kind of church are you?

We're a warm and caring church where people are helped and encouraged. We believe the Bible is relevant for today, and seek to put its teachings into practice as a community.

Who's there?

People of all ages and backgrounds. You'll find a warm welcome here!

What shall I wear?

There is no dress code, so we encourage you to come as you are! If it helps, most of us are usually pretty casual.

What is your style?

Our services are informal, with a mix of traditional and modern music.

Can I bring the children?

Children are welcome and there is a children’s ministry that takes place during the worship service. All childrens' workers are DBS checked.

New Life Christian Fellowship is a warm, friendly and welcoming church in Harrogate.


We are a Bible-based church teaching the unadulterated word of God. Our approach is based on simplicity and understanding; helping individuals to understand the love and grace of God and to grow in their relationship with Jesus.


Join us in a supportive environment where you can experience the love of God, increase in the knowledge of Jesus and experience the Presence of the Holy Spirit. All are welcome!

Matt 11:28 Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest!


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Vernon and Susan Roosevelt

Vernon is from the USA, and Susan from the East End of London. God brought them together in 1972 when Vernon was based in the UK at a US Airforce base, and since 1979 they've been following Jesus together. They've served in Harrogate since 1997, when New Life in Christ Ministries was born. Pastor Roosevelt has a life-long passion for the Bible and loves to teach from it. Susan is passionate about people; helping them, and seeing them know they are loved by God.


Tom Griffith

Tom hails from the USA and has been ordained as a minister in the UK since 2017, and walking with Jesus since the age of ten. He's been married to Lynnette, also from the USA for approaching three decades, together they have seven children, more than twenty grandchildren, and a growing number of great grandchildren. Tom loves UK history, the Beatles and science fiction, especially Star Trek.

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